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How much it will cost

A difficult one...

The cost of designing and creating a web-site depends on many things, among which are:

  • How many pages there are to be
  • How much of the text needs to be typed or copied
  • How many links need to be made, both internal and external
  • How many graphics need to be designed
  • To what extent more sophisticated techniques such as forms, scripts, etc, are to be employed

These matters need to be discussed in detail before it is possible to give a quotation on the overall cost. And even then there may be unforeseen and unforeseeable problems which may require additional time to solve.

But, as my intention is to work mainly with charities, not-for-profit organizations, cooperatives, and individuals, and as I work from home, I hope to keep my rates as low as possible, while still providing a professional service. Certainly I will not be charging the kind of rates charged by most commercial web design companies.

To give some idea, a very small and very simple site of just a few pages, which can be rustled up in a few hours, might cost no more than around $200-$300. Something larger and/or more complex would have to be charged on a time basis, and I charge an hourly rate of $30/hour (Canadian or US). On that basis, a large and complex site requiring lots of personal input, might cost well over $2,000 and take several weeks to develop. Something in between would cost ... well, something in between. A site of the size and complexity of this one, for example, could be yours for around $300-$400, and take just a couple of days.

A lot of money, agreed, but still peanuts compared to how much a commercial company would charge.

These days you will probably want to have your own domain name, which makes your site more memorable and gives out the message that you are serious in your efforts (and it can increase your chances of being listed with some search engines). Domain names have come down in price significantly in recent years, and cost around $10/year for a .com, .net or .org name, or a bit more for a .ca name. See the section on Hosting Options for more discussion on this.

In addition to your domain name, you will also need a server to host the site on. Hosting costs can vary depending on the size of the site and the facilities required, but you can expect from $7 - $10/month for a reliable host server (some seem to charge up to $200 for very little extra, so be careful!).

You may be able to reduce your effective costs by agreeing to host an advertisement for another web-site on your site, either with a friendly organization or with a commercial company or agency which specializes in such things. It is upto you to arrange such deals - I just insert the ad in the code! Alternatively, an advert or banner swap with a like-minded organization may increase your traffic flow for no additional cost to either of you.

Speaking of promoting your site and attracting traffic to it, in addition to your local non-Web-based efforts, the most effective thing you can do is to submit your web-site address to the main free search engines (which these days effectively means Google and Bing/Yahoo and maybe DMOZ Open Directory). I can help with this. You may also be interested in the excellent Search Engine Watch site and this article on creating a Google-friendly site.

So, with all this in mind, please fill in the contact form, or just e-mail me with more information about your requirements, and I will be able to give you a much better idea of how much we are talking about.

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