Canadian, British and American Spelling
Words Beginning with the Letter P
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[Less common, less "correct" or archaic variations are marked like this(var)]
Canadian British American Notes
paean paean pean
paleolithic palaeolithic palaeolithic
panelled/panelling panelled/panelling paneled/paneling
panellist panellist panelist
paralleled/parallelling parallelled/parallelling paralleled/paralleling(var) paralleled/paralleling
paralyze paralyse(var) paralyse paralyze
parlour parlor(var) parlour parlor
pasteurized pasteurised pasteurized(var) pasteurized
pedagogue pedagogue pedagogue pedagog(var)
peddler pedlar(var) pedlar peddler peddler
pediatrics paediatrics pediatrics pediatrics
pedophile paedophile pedophile pedophile
personalize personalise personalize(var) personalize
philosophize philosophise philosophize(var) philosophize
phony phoney phony
plagiarize plagiarise plagiarize(var) plagiarize
pleaded pled(var) pleaded pleaded pled(var)
plow plough(var) plough plow
polarize polarise polarize(var) polarize
practise practice(var) practise practice verb; noun is always practice
pre-eminent pre-eminent preeminent
pre-empt pre-empt preempt
pre-exist pre-exist preexist
pretense pretence(var) pretence pretense
pre-war pre-war prewar
prioritize prioritise prioritize(var) prioritize
privatize privatise privatize(var) privatize
program programme(var) programme program refers to TV or theatre; program always used for computers
programmed programmed programed programmed(var)
prologue prologue prologue prolog(var)
propeller propeller propellor
pulverize pulverise pulverize(var) pulverize
pummelled/pummelling pummelled/pummelling pummeled/pummeling
pyjamas pajamas(var) pyjamas pajamas