Canadian, British and American Spelling
Words Beginning with the Letter I
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[Less common, less "correct" or archaic variations are marked like this(var)]
Canadian British American Notes
idolize idolise idolize(var) idolize
institutionalize institutionalise institutionalize(var) institutionalize
immunization immunisation immunization(var) immunization
immunize immunise immunize(var) immunize
immortalize immortalise immortalize(var) immortalize
imperilled/imperilling imperilled/imperilling imperiled/imperiling
industrialization industrialisation industrialization(var) industrialization
industrialize industrialise industrialize(var) industrialize
inflection inflection inflexion(var) inflection
initialization initialisation initialization(var) initialization
initialize initialise initialize(var) initialize
initialled/initialling initialled/initialling initialed/initialing
inquire enquire(var) enquire inquire
inquiry enquiry(var) enquiry inquiry(var) inquiry in Britain and Canada, inquiry has specific legal meaning
insure ensure(var) ensure insure(var) insure in Britain and Canada, insure has specific commercial meaning
instal install(var) instal install(var) install installed/installing in all countries
instalment installment(var) instalment installment(var) installment
instil instill(var) instil instill instilled/instilling in all countries
ionize ionise ionize(var) ionize