Canadian, British and American Spelling
Words Beginning with the Letter C
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[Less common, less "correct" or archaic variations are marked like this(var)]
Canadian British American Notes
calibre calibre caliber
caliper caliper caliper calliper(var)
cancellation cancellation cancelation cancellation(var)
cancelled/cancelling cancelled/cancelling canceled/canceling
candour candor(var) candour candor
capitalize capitalise capitalize(var) capitalize
caramelize caramelise caramelize(var) caramelize
carburetor carburettor carburetor
catalogue catalogue catalog catalogue(var)
catalyze catalyse catalyze
categorization categorisation categorization(var) categorization
categorize categorise categorize(var) categorize
cauldron cauldron cauldron caldron(var)
cauterize cauterise cauterize(var) cauterize
centimetre centimetre centimeter
centre center(var) centre center
cesarean caesarian(var) caesarean cesarean caesarean(var)
cesium caesium cesium
characterize characterise characterize(var) characterize
checkered chequered(var) chequered checkered
cheque cheque check noun, meaning 'form of payment'; otherwise check
chili chilli chili(var) chili chile(var)
cigarette cigarette cigarette cigaret(var)
cipher cipher cypher(var) cipher
civilization civilisation civilization(var) civilization
civilize civilise civilize(var) civilize
clamour clamor(var) clamour clamor but 'clamorous' in all countries
clangour clangor(var) clangour clangor
co-author coauthor(var) co-author coauthor
colonize colonise colonize(var) colonize
colour color(var) colour color
commercialize commercialise commercialize(var) commercialize
computerize computerise computerize(var) computerize
connection connection connexion(var) connection
conjuror conjurer conjuror conjurer conjuror conjurer both spellings equally acceptable
co-opt coopt(var) co-opt coopt
councillor councilor(var) councillor councilor
counselled/counselling counselled/counselling counseled/counseling
counsellor counselor(var) counsellor counselor
counter-attack counter-attack counterattack
cozy cosy(var) cosy cozy
criticize criticise criticize(var) criticize
crueller/cruellest crueller/cruellest crueler/cruelest
crystalline crystalline crystaline
crystallize crystallise crystallize(var) crystalize crystallize(var)
curb curb kerb(var) curb kerb only used for noun meaning 'edge of road' in UK; other meanings curb
customize customise customize(var) customize