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Words Beginning with the Letter A
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[Less common, less "correct" or archaic variations are marked like this(var)]
Canadian British American Notes
abridgement abridgment(var) abridgement abridgment
acknowledgement acknowledgment(var) acknowledgement acknowledgment acknowledgement(var)
advertise advertise advertise advertize(var)
aegis egis(var) aegis egis
aeon eon(var) aeon eon
aesthetic esthetic(var) aesthetic esthetic aesthetic(var)
aging ageing(var) ageing aging aging
airplane aeroplane airplane
aluminum aluminium aluminum
amid amidst(var) amid amidst(var) amid
amoeba amoeba ameba
among amongst(var) among amongst(var) among
amortization amortisation amortization(var) amortization
amortize amortise amortize(var) amortize
amphitheatre amphitheatre amphitheater
anaesthesia anesthesia(var) anaesthesia anesthesia
analogue analog(var) analogue analogue analog analog when used as a technical term (i.e. not digital)
analyze analyse(var) analyse analyze
anemia anaemia(var) anaemia anemia
anemic anaemic(var) anaemic anemic
annex annexe annex(var) annex noun meaning 'something added'; verb is always annex
apologize apologise apologize(var) apologize
appal appall(var) appal appall appalled/appalling in all countries
appetizer appetiser appetizer(var) appetizer
arbour arbor(var) arbour arbor but 'arboreal' in all countries
archaeology archeology(var) archaeology archeology archaeology(var)
ardour ardor(var) ardour ardor
artifact artefact artifact
armour armor(var) armour armor
authorize authorise authorize(var) authorize
axe axe ax