Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English
Phrases Beginning with the Letter S
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Language Phrase Meaning
Russian samizdat self-publishing
Latin sanctum sanctorum holy of holies
French sang-froid composure, equanimity
French sans-souci carefree
French savoir faire social tact
German Schadenfreude pleasure in the misfortune of others
Yiddish shiksa non-Jewish female
German schmaltz excessive sentimentality
Yiddish shlep to carry, to travel
Yiddish shmo fool, obnoxious person
Yiddish shtick characteristic gimmick or routine
Latin sic it is thus in the original
Latin sic transit gloria mundi thus passes the glory of the world
Latin sine qua non essential element or condition
French soi-disant so-called, self-styled
Italian sotto voce quietly
French soupçon very small amount
Latin status quo current state of affairs
German sturm und drang turbulence, upheaval
Latin sub rosa in secret, in confidence
Latin sui generis one of a kind, unique
Latin summa cum laude with the highest praise