Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English
Phrases Beginning with the Letter P
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Language Phrase Meaning
French par avion by plane
French par excellence the best example, foremost
Latin pari passu at an equal rate
French passe-partout master key
Latin pater familias father of the family
Latin pax peace
Latin per capita per person
Latin per diem by the day
Russian perestroika restructuring
Latin perpetuum mobile in perpetual motion
Latin per se in itself, intrinsically
Latin persona non grata unwelcome person
French petit bourgeois lower middle classed
French pièce de résistance showpiece
French pied-à-terre apartment in town
French plus ça change the more things change
Spanish poco a poco little by little
Latin post mortem autopsy
Latin post scriptum (P.S.) postscript, afterthought
French prêt-à-porter ready to wear, to go
Italian prima donna temperamental performer
Latin prima facie self-evident
Latin primum mobile prime mover
French prix fixe fixed price
Latin pro bono for the public good
Latin pro forma for form’s sake
Latin pro rata proportionately
French pure laine pure francophone