Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English
Phrases Beginning with the Letter D
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Language Phrase Meaning
Italian da capo from the beginning
French déclassé fallen in social standing
French décolletage low-cut neckline
Latin de facto in fact
French déjà vu illusion of having experienced something already
Latin de jure based on law
Latin delirium tremens alcohol withdrawal symptoms
French demi-monde prostitutes, bohemians
Latin de profundis out of the depths
French de rigueur strictly required
French dernier cri last word, latest style
Spanish desaparecidos forcible kidnapping or sequestration
French détente relaxation of political tensions
French de trop too much, superfluous
Latin deus ex machina unexpected or improbable explanation
Sanskrit dharma cosmic law, personal duty
Italian dolce vita the sweet life
German Doppelgänger ghostly double
French double entendre double meaning
Latin dramatis personae characters in a play
Yiddish Dreck dirt, junk
French du jour of the day
German Dummkopff stupid person, blockhead