Foreign Phrases Commonly Used in English
Phrases Beginning with the Letter A
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Language Phrase Meaning
Latin ad absurdam to the point of absurdity
Latin ad hoc for this purpose only
Latin ad infinitum endlessly, forever
Latin ad lib improvised, without preparation
Latin ad nauseam endlessly, to the point of nausea
French affaire de coeur love affair
French affaire d’honneur a duel
Spanish aficionado enthusiast, fanatic
Latin a fortiori even more so, all the more
French agent provocateur inside agent, spy
Russian agitprop political (esp. communist) propaganda
French à la mode fashionable
Italian al dente chewy, not overcooked
Italian al fresco open air
Latin alma mater one’s old university or school
Latin alter ego another self
French amateur not professional, unskilful
French amour propre self-esteem, pride
French ancien régime the old regime
German Angst anxiety, psychological suffering
Latin anno domini (A.D.) after the birth of Christ
Latin annus mirabilis wonderful year
Latin ante bellum before the war
Latin a posteriori inductive, empirical
Russian apparatchik functionary of a political party
French après moi le déluge after me, the flood
Latin a priori deductive
French à propos regarding, concerning
Latin aqua vitae water of life
French arriviste social climber
Latin ars longa vita brevis art is long, life is short
French au contraire on the contrary
French au courant up to date
French au fait expert, informed, up to date
French au naturel as in nature
Latin aurora borealis northern lights
Portuguese auto da fé inquisition
French avant-garde radically original, cutting edge