Music in Perspective

Have you ever wondered how your favourite classical compositions fit in with other events in world history?
What else was happening in the fields of art, science and literature when Beethoven wrote his Ninth Symphony?
Did you know that Jean-Paul Sartre published his "Being and Nothingness" in the same year as Bartok produced his "Concerto for Orchestra"?

These and many more facts can be found in this attempt to put Music in Perspective.

There are 66 major composers from the 17th to 20th Centuries, and over 900 compositions included in the lists. The selections of composers and their compositions, and also of the major events in other fields, are mine and mine only, and I make no excuses for them.

Select a composer or composition from the listings to see a table of their major works, and a comparative table of historical occurrences in the same period.
Then, choose a category from the colour-coded menu to compare with - World Politics, Philosophy, Science, Art, English Novels, English Poetry, Foreign Literature.

Or just browse the links to the various categories and listings from the main menu at the top of each page as your fancy takes you.

You may be surprised what coincidences and revelations are out there.

And at the very least you should be better able to put Music in Perpective.

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