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This website is the second website I ever designed, dating back to 1999 - I have kept it unchanged for sentimental reasons.
Tired of professional web design companies charging an arm and a leg for web page design?

Your personal project, not-for-profit organization or small company could have a basic web site up and running in a day for as little as $200-$300.

Miracles, as they say, take a little longer. And cost a little more. But not much.

So, if you need a web-site which is clear, well-designed and eye-catching, without too many distracting and unnecessary bells and whistles (or if you want the bells and whistles too)... READ ON.

Examples of my work
Take a look at some of my sites for examples in a variety of styles. Your web page should be appropriate to your organization or project.
What I can do for you
Find out what services I can provide: from the basics to graphics design, scanning, forms, JavaScript, and more. Your site can be as simple or as complex as you wish.
How much it will cost
Get some idea of how much all this might actually cost you. Obviously this will depend on what you want and how much of it.
Hosting options
Consider how you want your web site to be hosted. Find out about domain names and hosting companies.
Meet Luke
If you like, find out a little more about me - I'm a real person after all!
Contact me
Finally, contact me personally, and we can discuss your needs further.

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