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The main menu bar towards the top of each page has drop-down submenus to enable you to pinpoint the specific area you want to explore, or to browse the subject at random.

Or you can just use the main menu headings at the top and bottom of each page, and work through it all methodically.

Alternatively, you can use the Search link at the top right of each page to narrow down areas of interest more specifically, whether it be a word or phrase (such as "agnosticism" or "god of the gaps") or a name (such as "Democritus" or "Albert Einstein").

Just for the record, I have used the spellings "god" and "God" more or less interchangeably, despite some people's objections to the practice, although "God" usually refers to the monotheistic Judeo-Christian/Muslim god. Neither have I capitalized related words like "He" or "Being".

For dates, I have used the more familiar BC and AD rather than the more politically correct BCE and CE.

Spelling generally follows the conventions of Canadian English (a hybrid of UK and US usage) unless there is a compelling reason not to (e.g. some quotes).

There are many websites devoted to atheism, some learned, some simplistic, some strident, some almost apologetic. There are also many excellent books on the subject, including some recent best-sellers by the popular so-called "New Atheist" authors.

However, it is sometimes difficult to find a concise, easy-to-use guide to the major arguments for and against religion, with enough detail to be of practical use, but not so much that it becomes a chore and a struggle. This website is designed to fill that gap.

My intention is not to convert (or de-convert) believers or to point out the error of their ways, but to make people with atheistic tendencies or religious doubts feel better about themselves, to provide them with some "ammunition" with which they can justify their own views to others (at the dinner table, down the pub or anywhere else the subject comes up), and to convince them that they can be open and unapologetic atheists and still hold their heads up high in public.

The main part of the website is devoted to the Arguments:

In addition, to round out the site, there are sections on:

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